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THE website for violinists to sell and buy used violins and second hand printed music.

Sell My Violin is not a music shop, but provides advertising space for violinists to advertise their used violins or used violin music for sale to a focussed group of musicians. We have tried to make the process of advertising used violins and printed music for sale through Sell My Violin as easy, safe and cost-effective as possible. This website is designed to give used violins, related accessories and used printed music a new lease of life!

Go directly to either the registration or log in pages to place your ad, look at the used violins currently advertised for sale, used violin music for sale, scroll down through this page to find out more or visit the seller's information, buyer's information or price guide pages for details.

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The violin - the leader of the orchestra - one of the most popular and versatile instruments that can be played in most musical genres. From the first notes of a beginner through to a polished professional performance, the violin gives great pleasure to many people. Everyone has their favourite violinist either amongst the current crop of concert-hall fillers or their predecessors. Then, of course, there are the famous violinists from other walks of life such as Einstein (or Sherlock Holmes) who show how therapeutic playing the instrument can be!

Unlike most other musical instruments, student violins are constantly being changed and upgraded as the young student grows and progresses from a smaller sized instrument to the next size up, and eventually looks for a quality performance instrument. Sell My Violin's mission is to help both the sellers of violins, and those looking to buy a used violin. Anything from a tiny Chinese 1/16 violin through to a Stradivarius can be advertised on Sell My Violin - to a focused musical community for a very reasonable cost.

Do you have stacks of violin music that are piled in the corners of the room, or taking up shelf space and not played any more? Advertise them for sale on Sell My Violin and give someone else the opportunity to learn and perform the music. You can list any used printed music from basic beginners technique through to the more advanced Sevcik, Paganini and so on. Violin cases, bows, shoulder rests and other violin-related accessories can also be advertised on Sell My Violin and will be displayed in the listings with the used violins.

Two for the Price of One!! An advertisement placed on Sell My Violin will also be displayed on our parent website TAF Music for the duration of the advertisement's life. Have a look at other sites in our family of used musical instument websites at Sell My Clarinet (sellmyclarinet.co.uk), Sell My Flute (sellmyflute.co.uk), Sell My-Guitar (sellmy-guitar.co.uk), Sell My Harp (sellmyharp.co.uk) to buy and sell other instruments. Advertisements cost from as little as £0.50 for a musical instrument and £0.25 for used printed music.

Go directly to either the registration or log in pages to place your ad or find out more on the information for sellers page.